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How to Create a Winning Google Business Profile

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Google offers many products and services to help grow your local business in its business suite, but one of our favorites is the Google Business profile page. In this article, you'll learn how to create a Google Business profile that's sure to attract some attention.

1. Visit

Google makes creating a Business Profile Page super easy, so we'll keep this first step brief. Go to and start following the steps and instructions Google provides. Make sure in the first step (highlighted below) that you click on "Add your business to Google"

2. Add Your Business Address and other info.

If you have a physical business address, be sure to add it in the next step. This will ensure Google has the right information to add to Google maps and to track people who visit your store in person. In addition, Google will ask for more information like your phone number, website and other preferences about your business. Complete those steps before moving on to the next section below here.

3. Add Your Business Description and/or Services You Offer

Depending on your type of business, Google will ask you to provide a description and/or the services you offer. Adding this type of information is a very valuable step to creating your Google business profile page. DOT NOT SKIP this step, otherwise Google won't know what you do or what your offer and won't be able to match your business with prospective customers. Make sure you choose a description that correctly explains what your business does, and why it's special. A rule of thumb here is to include your main value proposition with key phrases around the services you provide. Avoid a long winded description that's hard to understand. Keep it simple and to the point and your prospective customers will thank you for it.

When entering the services you offer, be sure to make them clear and concise. For example, if you offer Bicycle repair services, then list one of your services as something like "Bicycle Repairs and Maintenance".

4. Verify Your Business with a Postcard by Mail

Google needs to confirm your business actually exists, so you'll need to accept a postcard mailed to you with a code. Once you receive the postcard (usually within 5 business days), you'll follow the instructions on the postcard, and then enter the code you received in your Google Business profile page. Don't wait on this step. The sooner you request the code, the sooner you'll get verified.

Now that you've competed these steps (and those in between), your Google Business Profile Page will show when people search on Google for your business. Your listing on Google search results will look something like the below. You'll also be able to promote your Google Business listing and add more information like photos, blog posts and even a new website (if you don't have one already).

Hashtag your posts

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